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Автор Viper X (just a snake...)
Публикувано14.06.05 11:31  

в опита си да му зема акаунта на тоя?

искам анализ от опитните трейдъри :)

14.6.2005 10:46 the saint: hi viper, i'm bluesky from utopia. thanxs for yur advice. free to chat now?
14.6.2005 10:46 viper-x: hi dude :)
14.6.2005 10:46 the saint: :)
14.6.2005 10:46 viper-x: yes, i can talk with you now , have a little work , but utoia is important :)
14.6.2005 10:47 the saint: how to gain more money? cos i need to have gc first before i can build a strong defence.
14.6.2005 10:48 viper-x: well, things are all in a chain
14.6.2005 10:48 viper-x: your money are generated by your peasents , which works in your buildings
14.6.2005 10:48 the saint: currently i got 200 banks.

14.6.2005 10:48 viper-x: so more peasents with jobs - more money
14.6.2005 10:48 viper-x: but you have to build strong army as well

14.6.2005 10:48 viper-x: you are human, right?
14.6.2005 10:49 the saint: yes
14.6.2005 10:49 viper-x: do you know about def specs, off specs and elites?
14.6.2005 10:49 the saint: nope
14.6.2005 10:49 viper-x: ok, so open you military page
14.6.2005 10:50 the saint: i only koe how to kick off. the rest i am hopeless
14.6.2005 10:50 the saint: ok
14.6.2005 10:51 viper-x: the top one "swordsmen" is the off specs... if you play with other race this will be different, not swordsmen, but every time your off specs are on the top
14.6.2005 10:51 viper-x: the second one is the def specs - you train this for defense
14.6.2005 10:51 viper-x: the third one is the eiltes - they have both off pts and def pts
14.6.2005 10:52 viper-x: and the last row are thieves - you have to train 1 thief for each acre you have
14.6.2005 10:52 viper-x: so first you have to build defense
14.6.2005 10:52 viper-x: about 55 defense points per acre
14.6.2005 10:52 the saint: wats the matter if i acquire more land but dont have a strong defence.... say onli got 1000 swordsman, 1000 archers, 500 knights? wat happen next? is it strong enough of an army to defend 1000 arcs of land?
14.6.2005 10:53 viper-x: if you are 1000 acres with only 1000 acrchers and 500 knights they will kick your ass all over the server :)
14.6.2005 10:53 viper-x: you will be free land :)
14.6.2005 10:54 viper-x: so for 1000 acres you have to have 10000 archers
14.6.2005 10:54 viper-x: or 9000 knights
14.6.2005 10:54 the saint: oic
14.6.2005 10:54 the saint: wah say, tats alot of monie pumped into the army
14.6.2005 10:55 viper-x: see.. one friend of mine have an account with build defense on the BF server
and he wants to play with me in our KD..
if you want we can change the two accounts - he will give you his one, it is much more easier to learn from a build up province than from scrach
14.6.2005 10:56 the saint: tat will take a vry long time for mi to expand my province.
14.6.2005 10:56 viper-x: if you want to see the big picture of good province : building strategy, good economy, strong defence, and to learn how it is built - can exchange the two accounts
14.6.2005 10:57 viper-x: you take his one, and he takes yours - this way we will be together with him
14.6.2005 10:57 the saint: tanxs for the offer but i dont think i will do the exchange. thanxs
14.6.2005 10:57 viper-x: i will help you to understand how this works
14.6.2005 10:58 the saint: i really enjoy being here in this kingdom cos the pple here are friendly sort.
14.6.2005 10:58 viper-x: well, we are frienly while you are not a burden for us..
14.6.2005 10:58 viper-x: if you don't strengthen your prov quickly our king will force you to leave
14.6.2005 10:58 the saint: no problem, i wont be a burden
14.6.2005 10:59 viper-x: we are warring kd and cannot afford to lose easy land
14.6.2005 10:59 the saint: currently i am not the last in the kingdom despite my late entry. theres also another one who is also have the same value as mi.
14.6.2005 11:00 viper-x: wesnoth2 , yes
14.6.2005 11:00 the saint: yes.
14.6.2005 11:00 viper-x: we will raze her tommorow i think
14.6.2005 11:01 viper-x: she doesn't contacted me
14.6.2005 11:01 viper-x: and she was inactive for about 2 days.. not logged
14.6.2005 11:02 the saint: dont. cos i think she is putting in alot of effort to build her kingdom. we can play as defence first while the war wages on cos we dont have ample time to raise the monie for a huge attack force.
14.6.2005 11:02 viper-x: well, to be in our kd there is a policy to login twice a day
14.6.2005 11:02 viper-x: she is inactive for 2 days
14.6.2005 11:02 viper-x: so we will raze her when our king says
14.6.2005 11:03 the saint: she has other commitment i guess
14.6.2005 11:03 viper-x: well, we cannot allow inactives in the KD, sorry
14.6.2005 11:03 viper-x: don't warry for her :) she will find another kd i'm sure
14.6.2005 11:03 the saint: she is doing fine. logging in every 2/3 daes to check her province.
14.6.2005 11:04 viper-x: lol, dude... once in 2/3 days is very very unsufficient
14.6.2005 11:04 viper-x: we are very active KD
14.6.2005 11:05 viper-x: we REQUIRE 2 times per day
14.6.2005 11:05 the saint: oic.
14.6.2005 11:05 viper-x: while the top provs login minimum 10 times
14.6.2005 11:05 the saint: dats sure alot of time put into utopia
14.6.2005 11:06 viper-x: yes.. about 2, 3 hours a day
14.6.2005 11:06 viper-x: we don't play Warcraft or Counter Strike, we play utopia :)
14.6.2005 11:06 viper-x: so be sure to check your prov at least 2 times per day
14.6.2005 11:07 viper-x: and not to grow too big without defense
14.6.2005 11:07 viper-x: we have zero tollerance for farms and inactives
14.6.2005 11:07 viper-x: this is why we are successfull KD
14.6.2005 11:07 the saint: so when will the war begin?
14.6.2005 11:07 viper-x: this age we have razed about 15 provs which were inactive and farms
14.6.2005 11:07 viper-x: in 2 days i think
14.6.2005 11:08 viper-x: mastika y menta have to rebuild some land and train elites
14.6.2005 11:08 the saint: do you have any idea which kingdom will dat be?
14.6.2005 11:08 viper-x: do you have angel?
14.6.2005 11:08 viper-x: no, we will chose tomorrow
14.6.2005 11:09 the saint: wat is angel?
14.6.2005 11:09 viper-x: go to
14.6.2005 11:09 viper-x: there is a little tool called
utopia angel
playing without it is nearly imposible
14.6.2005 11:09 viper-x: i mean - playing good
14.6.2005 11:09 viper-x: it calculates your attacks
14.6.2005 11:09 viper-x: and shows the effects of your buildings
14.6.2005 11:10 the saint: dats good.
14.6.2005 11:10 viper-x: download it... it stays in your tray
14.6.2005 11:10 viper-x: when you copy your throne page or some CB it shows popop with info
14.6.2005 11:10 the saint: is it on the website called angel?
14.6.2005 11:11 the saint: i am at the website alrdy.
14.6.2005 11:11 viper-x: no, it is a software
go to
and downloud it
14.6.2005 11:12 18:19 WOL bluesky: there are a few server names. which one should i choose?
14.6.2005 11:12 viper-x: we are playing on WoL
14.6.2005 11:13 viper-x: oh.. it ask you from where to download
14.6.2005 11:13 viper-x: no matter
14.6.2005 11:15 18:19 WOL bluesky: it is taking a long time to download the angel.
14.6.2005 11:16 viper-x: well, without it it's very hard to grow strong
14.6.2005 11:16 18:19 WOL bluesky: oic
14.6.2005 11:19 viper-x: have you read the utopian guide?
14.6.2005 11:19 viper-x: you can take a look on it... try to understand the things.. and ask if something you cannot understand
14.6.2005 11:22 18:19 WOL bluesky: ok. thanxs. i am registering now cos the computer doesnt accept my username so i got to create another user name first before i can download angel.
14.6.2005 11:22 viper-x: ??
14.6.2005 11:22 viper-x: where are you registering??
14.6.2005 11:23 18:19 WOL bluesky: for the utopia temple
14.6.2005 11:23 viper-x: you don't need username thjere
14.6.2005 11:23 viper-x: to download
14.6.2005 11:23 18:19 WOL bluesky: mus i register first before i can download angel ?
14.6.2005 11:24 viper-x: you can download withour registering
14.6.2005 11:24 viper-x: post your ICQ in the forums thread "contacts"
14.6.2005 11:24 18:19 WOL bluesky: oic. but the com doesnt download the software at all. wat should i do?
14.6.2005 11:24 viper-x: and read forums at least 2 times per day
14.6.2005 11:25 viper-x: you must sign up in the jedi academy thread
14.6.2005 11:25 viper-x: it is for monitoring our newbies
14.6.2005 11:25 viper-x: you should post your CB there regulary
14.6.2005 11:26 viper-x: our academy leader will monitor your development
14.6.2005 11:26 viper-x: and will decide if you will stay with the KD
14.6.2005 11:26 18:19 WOL bluesky: how to post? wats CB ? how do i do dat?
14.6.2005 11:26 viper-x: uf :) man... did you read the forums?
14.6.2005 11:26 18:19 WOL bluesky: yes. read it alrdy.
14.6.2005 11:26 viper-x: please, read it, there are a lot of things , usefull for you there
14.6.2005 11:27 viper-x: so concentrate on the "jedi accademy" thread
14.6.2005 11:27 viper-x: read it carefully
14.6.2005 11:27 viper-x: post your info there..
the CB can be obtained with the angel or without it - by formatting your throne page in the utopiatemple online formatter
14.6.2005 11:27 viper-x: but all this is written in the forums
14.6.2005 11:28 viper-x: you must understand that utopia is a team game
14.6.2005 11:28 viper-x: if you fail to be part of the team - the team will deny you from the kd
14.6.2005 11:29 18:19 WOL bluesky: ok. i understand.
14.6.2005 11:29 viper-x: ok, so now - go and read
14.6.2005 11:29 viper-x: read the utopia guide
read the forums
14.6.2005 11:29 viper-x: and not just read , write in the forums
14.6.2005 11:29 viper-x: ok, have to work now..
14.6.2005 11:30 18:19 WOL bluesky: ok. thanxs viper. cu.

проблем? нема сигнатура..

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