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Тема Loshi novini
Автор BabyRoyette (LFN/LB rulez)
Публикувано05.01.02 13:11  

Tuko shto poluchih tova v poshtata si...izglejda che se otkazvat da praviat NIKITA na DVD-ta Eto i infoto:
-->This is one of the most difficult messages that First Team has ever had to post to the fans. First Team has received a conference call from the vice president of the video library and the head of the products department at Columbia House who have told us that CH does NOT intend to move forward with production of the LFN DVDs.

When we were originally told by Warners that the DVDs would be produced and sold by Columbia House, we were skeptical but maintained our overall enthusiasm. We have seen with the passage of time that Columbia House's goals are not the same as those set forth by LFN fans.

Despite the marketing studies previously prepared by Warners and the demographics and survey results presented to them by First Team, their decision seems to be entirely based on what they perceive as a low VHS tape sales volume.

They advised that the project is not dead--that the DVDs could become a reality if the fans bought enough of their VHS tapes in the future. They suggested that First Team uses our resources to help them sell tapes; but we have declined based on the information that we have received from the fans over these past months. If individual fans want to buy the tapes, we are certainly supportive, but we will not promote their sales.

A huge question remains unanswered as to why Warners delegated the project to Columbia House after having spent several months time and money on it and why they will not produce boxed sets themselves.

A campaign is being planned in which we will need fans to do two things:

1) Ask WB to tell us why they won't do the DVDs themselves, as they have done with other programs. And,

2) Tell CH that they have made a BIG mistake by not following through with our DVDs.

We will soon be posting all of the addresses and the names that you will need for this campaign.

First Team remains committed to this project and willing to pursue any and all options that may be available to us so long as there is continued fan interest in DVDs of LFN.


First Team




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