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Тема Положението на евреите в Османската империя  
Автор №*ы{ђ}lЏї©®™ (Тортурач)
Публикувано07.06.06 09:08

Цитирам Menasseh ben Israel, известен холандски евреин от 17-ти век:

In the year 1636 the Saltan Amarat took in Bagdad, and puting all to the sword, he commanded that they should not touch the lews, nor their houses, and besides that, he freed them from one half of the tribuit they were wont to pay to the Persian.

But the chiefest place where the Iews life, is the Turkish Empire, where some of them live in great estate, even in the Court of the Grand Turke at Constantinople, by reason there is no Viceroy, or Governour, or Bassa, which hath not a Iew to manage his affaires, and to take care for his estate: Hence it cometh that in short time they grow up to be Lords of great revenues, and they most frequently bend the rninds of Great ones to most weighty affaires in government.

The greatest Viceroy of whole Europe is the Bassa of Egypt; this Bassa always takes to him, by order of the Kingdome, a Iew with the title of Zaraf-Bassa (Thresurer) viz. of all the Revenues of that government, who receaves purses full of money, seals them, and then sends them to the King. This man in a short time grows very rich, for that by his hands as being next to the Bassa, the 24 Governments of that Empire are sould and given, and all other businesses managed. At present he that possesseth this place, is called Sr. Abraham Alhula. The number of the Iews living in this Kingdome of the Great Turke, is very great, and amounts to many Millions. In Constantinople alone there are 48 Synagogues, and in Salaminque 36, and more then fourescore thousand soules in the two Cities alone.

The first King gave them great priviledges which they enjoy untill this day: for besides the liberty, they have every-where, of trading with open shops, of bearing any Office and possessing of any goods, both mooveable and immooveable, he yet graunted them power to judge all Civill causes according to their own Laws amongst themselves. Moreover they are exempted from going to Warres, and that souldiers should be quartered in their houses, and that Justice should take no place upon the death of any one that left no heir to his Estate.

In all which they are preferred before the naturall Turks themselves

Тема Re: Положението на евреите в Османската империянови [re: №*ы{ђ}lЏї©®™]  
Автор Ziezi (ex quo Vulgares)
Публикувано07.06.06 09:13

турските "евреи" са едни от малкото "спасени" наред с българските

и едните и другите са сафариди

Редактирано от Ziezi на 07.06.06 09:14.

Тема Re: Положението на евреите в Османската империянови [re: Ziezi]  
Автор koмитaМодератор (български)
Публикувано07.06.06 10:48

Турските не са въобще спасявани, защото не са били заплашвани от никой. Турция е неутрална страна по време на ІІ-та световна война и чужд крак там не е стъпвал.

Тема Re: Положението на евреите в Османската империянови [re: №*ы{ђ}lЏї©®™]  
Автор Лил ()
Публикувано07.06.06 11:59

Тема Re: Положението на евреите в Османската империянови [re: Ziezi]  
Автор №*ы{ђ}lЏї©®™ (Тортурач)
Публикувано07.06.06 13:29

Разбирам какво имаш предвид. Намекваш, че умрелите през Втората световна война евреи са предимно ешкенази. В тази връзка мога да добавя, че Menasseh ben Israel също е сефарид, а трябва да се имат предвид и тези думи на сефаридът Бенджамин Дизраели:

Трябва да се разгледа и отношението на евреите (сефаридите) към мюсюлманските държави в Европа. Както виждаме, в Османската империя те са били по-привилегировани от самите турци. В Испания положението е било същото според Дизраели:
Whence came those Mosaic Arabs whose passages across the strait from
Africa to Europe long preceded the invasion of the Mohammedan Arabs, it is
now impossible to ascertain. Their traditions tell us that from time
immemorial they had sojourned in Africa; and it is not improbable that
they may have been the descendants of some of the earlier dispersions;
like those Hebrew colonies that we find in China, and who probably
emigrated from Persia in the days of the great monarchies. Whatever may
have been their origin in Africa, their fortunes in Southern Europe are
not difficult to trace, though the annals of no race in any age can detail
a history of such strange vicissitudes, or one rife with more touching and
romantic incident. Their unexampled prosperity in the Spanish Peninsula,
and especially in the south, where they had become the principal
cultivators of the soil, excited the jealousy of the Goths; and the
Councils of Toledo during the sixth and seventh centuries attempted, by a
series of decrees worthy of the barbarians who promulgated them, to root
the Jewish Arabs out of the land. There is no doubt the Council of Toledo
led, as directly as the lust of Roderick, to the invasion of Spain by the
Moslemin Arabs. The Jewish population, suffering under the most sanguinary
and atrocious persecution, looked to their sympathising brethren of the
Crescent, whose camps already gleamed on the opposite shore. The overthrow
of the Gothic kingdoms was as much achieved by the superior information
which the Saracens received from their suffering kinsmen, as by the
resistless valour of the Desert. The Saracen kingdoms were established.
That fair and unrivalled civilisation arose which preserved for Europe
arts and letters when Christendom was plunged in darkness. The children of
Ishmael rewarded the children of Israel with equal rights and privileges
with themselves. During these halcyon centuries, it is difficult to
distinguish the follower of Moses from the votary of Mahomet. Both alike
built palaces, gardens, and fountains; filled equally the highest offices
of the state, competed in an extensive and enlightened commerce, and
rivalled each other in renowned universities.

Тема Re: Положението на евреите в Османската империянови [re: Лил]  
Автор №*ы{ђ}lЏї©®™ (Тортурач)
Публикувано07.06.06 13:48

Пробвах да чета господин Леви, но ми се струва много сухо и безинтересно. Може би защото е писано наскоро. Колкото по-отдавна е писана информацията, толкова по-добре (за мен). Препоръчвам ти това:

Интересен цитат в статията е сведението на Nicolo Nicolai от "Viaggi nella Turchia," pp. 142-143, Venice, 1580:

"There are so many Jews throughout Turkey, and in Greece especially, that it is a great marvel and downright incredible. They increase daily through the commerce, money-changing, and peddling which they carry on almost everywhere on land and on water; so that it may be said truly that the greater part of the commerce of the whole Orient is in their hands. In Constantinople they have the largest bazars and stores, with the best and most expensive wares of all kinds. In addition, one meets among them many skilled artists and mechanicians, especially among the Maranos, who some years ago were driven out of Spain and Portugal. These, with great harm and injury to Christendom, have taught the Turks to make implements of war. . . . The said Jews have also established a printing-press, which is a wonderful thing to the Turks. They print books in Latin, Greek, Italian, Syriac, and Hebrew; but in Turkish and Arabic they are not allowed to print. Besides, they know most languages; so that they are employed as interpreters"

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