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Тема знам нещо, тва ми е работата,но ме мързи да пиша:) [re: Raksha]
Автор the_bomb (примерно)
Публикувано06.04.03 18:38  

нямам много време за дълги и подробни обяснения, съжалявам

затова направо ти правя copy-paste на пасажите от антични автори, където се говори за Антей, цитирани в английски превод на сайта


ANTAIOS was a Libyan GIANT who slew travellers passing through his realm and from their skulls built a great temple to his father Poseidon. He was slain by Herakles in a wrestling match who lifted the giant off the ground, the Earth his mother being source of his power, and crushed his ribs.

(1) POSEIDON & GAIA (Apollodoros 2.115)
(2) GAIA (Hyginus Fabulae 31)

A DAUGHTER (Pindar Pythian 9 str5)

"Forthwith a bar of iron massy and long from the swift-speeding hand did many essay to hurl; but not an Argive could prevail to cast that ponderous mass. Aias alone sped it from his strong hand ... and all men marvelled to behold how far flew from his hand the bronze which scarce two men hard-straining had uplifted from the ground. Even this Antaios' might was wont to hurl erstwhile, ere the strong hands of Herakles o'ermastered him. This, with much spoil beside, Herakles took, and kept it to make sport for his invincible hand; but afterward gave it to valiant Peleus, who with him had smitten fair-towered Ilios's burg renowned; and he to Achilles gave it." -Quintus Smyrnaeus 4.436
"There [depicted on the shield of Eurypylos son of Herakles] withal was wrought Antaios' brawny strength, who challenged him to wrestling-strife; he in those sinewy arms raised high above the earth, was crushed to death." -Quintus Smyrnaeus 6.286
“The tale, how for a Libyan bride they [Alexidamos and companions] rode to the city of Irasa, to seek the hand of Antaios' glorious daughter, maid of the lovely hair. Many a gallant chief of men of her own kin, and many a stranger sought her to be his bride, for indeed her beauty was wonderful to behold.
And much they longed to cull the ripened fruit of Youth’s fair vision, golden-crowned. But planning for his child a yet more glorious marriage, her father called to mind the story how Danaus long ago achieved in Argos for eight and forty daughters, before the noon of day, the speediest of marriage. For he set all the gathered company there at the finish of the race-course, and proclaimed that all the heroes who were come to be his daughter’s suitors, must decide by trial of their speed of foot, which maid for each should be his bride.
So too the Libyan king, to a groom thus chosen offered his daughter’s hand. And at the line he set her, adorned in all her fair array to be the goal and final prize; and declared to them all: ‘That man who first, leading the field, shall touch the maiden’s robes, shall take her for his bride.’ Then down the course swiftest of all, Alexidamos, raced to his prize , the noble maid, and through the ranks of Nomad horsemen led her by hand. ” –Pindar Pythian 9 str5-ep5

To the house of Antaios there came a hero from Thebes of Kadmos’ race [Herakles], to Libya’s corn-lands, small in his body’s height but of soul indomitable, bringing a wrestler’s grip to stay him who crowned with skulls of strangers Poseidon’s holy shrine.” –Pindar Isthmian 4 ep3
"He [Herakles] proceeded through Libya, which was ruled by Poseidon’s son Antaios, who forced strangers to wrestle and then killed them. When Herakles was forced, he clasped Antaios in his arms, lifted him into the air, weakened him and killed him. For it happened that Antaios was stronger when his feet were on the ground, which is why some said he was a son of Ge." -Apollodorus 2.115
“Setting sail then, from Krete, Herakles put in at Libya, and first of all challenged to a fight Antaios, whose fame was noised abroad because of his strength of body and his skill in wrestling, and because he was wont to put to death all strangers whom he had defeated in wrestling, and grappling with him Herakles slew the giant.” –Diodorus Siculus 4.17.4
"Herakles ... punished those who offered him violence in the manner in which they had plotted to serve him, and therefore sacrificed Busiris, wrestled Antaios to death." -Plutarch Theseus 11.1
“He [Herakles] slew Antaeus, son of Earth, in Libya. This man would compel visitors to wrestle with him, and when they were exhausted would kill them. He slew them in wrestling.” –Hyginus Fabulae 31
“The marks in the dust where Hercules and Antaeus wrestled.” –Propertius 3.22
“Hercules held fast in his arms the sweating earth-born Libyan [Antaios], when he found the trick and snatched him upon high, and left him no hope of falling, nor suffered him to touch even with his foot’s extremity his mother earth.” –Thebaid 6.894
Pindar, Odes - Greek Lyric C5th BC
Apollodorus, The Library - Greek Mythography C2nd BC
Quintus Smyrnaeus, Fall of Troy - Greek Epic C4th AD
Diodorus Siculus, The Library of History - Greek History C1st BC
Plutarch, Lives - Greek Historian C1st-2nd AD
Hyginus, Fabulae - Latin Mythography C2nd AD
Propertius, Elegies – Latin Elegy C1st BC
Statius, Thebaid - Latin Epic C1st AD

занапред аз поне ще се старая да отговарям на твоите питания, доколкото знам (защото не всичко, което е казано в тези извори, ми беше известно отпреди)
но когато ме няма мен или някой друг, този сайт би ти свършил перфектна работа. аз лично съм си го сложил във favorites на браузъра

don't follow leaders and watch the parking meters

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