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Тема W3FT - goodies :) [re: Firefox]
Автор Firefox (Iron Raven Ward)
Публикувано26.06.03 17:46  

Малко реплики след прилежно разкликване на новите юнити:

(tnx to Ikel)

NE= Night Elves
HA= Human Aliance
UD= Undead
Neutral си е ясно :)

NE Warden Quotes:

"I am the iron hand of justice"
"Have you reached a verdict?"
"I can taste their fear"
"Let the hunt begin"
"Justice shall be swift"
"Benthi bel elune"
"I shall be your executioner"
"Only the guilty need fear me"
"Truth, justice and the Night Elf way"
"What we have here is a failure to communicate"
"I hold you in contempt"
"He's no good to me if he's dead"
"Justice may be blind but I'm not"
"You think you're above the law?"

UD Crypt Lord Quotes:

"Time is fleeting"
"From the depths I come"
"My might cannot be matched"
"Ill see to it"
"I serve only the frozen throne"
"Its good to be the king" :)
"Ill consume the living and the dead"
"The scourge will devour all"
"The strands of destiny weave only a web of death"
"Humans check in. They don't check out"
"And they say Blizzard games don't have bugs!" (самия Крипт Лорд е насекомо, разбира се :) )

Neutral Beastmaster Quotes:

"I hear the call of the wild"
"What lies before me?"
"Flush them out"
"I've got the scent"
"On the prowl"
"Our paths converge"
"I act on instinct"
"Im ready to track"
"Unleash my strength"
"The beasts obey me"
"Where I lay my head is home--see that rock over there? That's my pillow"
"The beasts around me are nothing compared to the beast within"
(this quote is filled with the appropriate animal sound effects as the BM accidentally summons them) "Don't have a cow--oh deer--oh rats"

Neutral Pandaren Brewmaster Quotes:

"Come drown your sorrows"
"Name your poison"
"ooh gladly"
"Ill put it on your tab"
"Is trouble brewing?"
"Another round"
"You seem a little parched"
"Last call before closing"
"Ale is my bear necessity"
"ill drown your sorrows"
"I'd kiss you but I've got puke breath"
"I can't breed in captivity" (Пандарените са панди.)
"My dad was a bi-polar"

Neutral Pit Lord Quotes:

"I bring darkness"
"Tremble before me"
"You fail to amuse me"
"Don't waste my time"

"You know what burns my ass?--a flame about this high"
"Hey hey hey" (a dead ringer for Fat Albert)
"I think a certain finesse is called for here--AAAAARHHHH!"

Neutral Dark Ranger Quotes:

"Im here as always"
"My bow is ready"
"end my torment"
"I hate what I've become"
"Men are from Mars, I'm from the grave"
"I went to a job interview the other day and they said oh, whats that smell, and I said oh, that's me, and they said...and they said oh you can work the graveyard shift."

HA Blood Mage Quotes:

"Child's Play"
"For ---" some elven city/hero/etc
"Andu Falar"
"For now"
"Glory to the Blood Elves"
"For my people"
"I am here mortal"
"The blood of the high born is my birth right" (though I suppose it could be "birth rite" - depending on how screwed up they are)
"I find your insolence disturbing"
"Hi, my name is Roy and I'm a magic addict" (other voices -- "hi, Roy")

HA Dragon Hawk Rider Qutes:

"Where must we fly?"
"The sky is mine"
"Clear the skies"
"Winds guide me"
"I fly"
"Prepare to fly"
"Be quick, human"
"Permission to buzz the tower"
"Tell Blizzard I'd make a great action figure"
"Get that filthy cursor away from me"
"What's a mountain goat doing up here?" SPLAT!

HA Spell Breaker Quotes:

"Leave it to me"
"Be quick - time is mana"
"Easily done"
"The blood elves await"
"Ill handle it"
"I'm a magic man - I've got magic hands."
"I smell magic in the air - or maybe barbeque"
"I stole your precious..."
"I never stole any buffs - I got reciepts for everything"
"Yeah, you can get a nickel for boosting starfall, but jacking heal's a ten day stint in county. Now lifting fairy fire, they just let you go for that, its not even worth the paperwork. But reincarnate, that'll get you life."

That your solution to everything? Cut somebody’s throat? - Always slows them down.

Редактирано от Firefox на 26.06.03 17:47.

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