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Тема divine divinity - niakoi igral li ia e?нови  
Авторexpert (Нерегистриран)
Публикувано14.09.04 00:34

събрах 7те представителя на расите, те ме убиха и си умрях...
баси... а трябваше да се преродя в Divine One...

Тема Re: divine divinity - niakoi igral li ia e?нови [re: expert]  
Автор riptor (abee...Riptor)
Публикувано14.09.04 21:42

Как така са те убили? Те са от добрите! като ги събереш май те пращаха в някакъв СВЯТ... само, че вече си толкова надрусан, че нищо не може да те спре.. просто не е доизпипано към края.. Пробвай да лоуднеш от по-назад... друго не се сещам...

Simeon SUX koburggotsky

Тема Re: divine divinity - niakoi igral li ia e?нови [re: riptor]  
Авторexpert (Нерегистриран)
Публикувано14.09.04 23:51

Да де. Магьосника тъкмо обясняваше че трябва да се преродя и питаше дали
някои няма тесте карти да пиинат и да хвълят едни карти докато чакат
и дойде един демон и Блек ринг-а и утрепаха останалите.
а аз си оставам умрял( save game е неактивно... )
при това съм извън картата...
пробвах с двата quick save ноито имах но все тая :((
иначе го добутах до level 41 и малко ми остава до 42...
от доста време съм така надрусан че демоните ги бия с една ръка...
колко жалко.
BTW при мен играта изключително често crash-ваше.
някакви проблеми с видеото... предполагам.
(Ati Radeon 9600XT)

Тема Re: divine divinity - niakoi igral li ia e? [re: expert]  
АвторS (Нерегистриран)
Публикувано17.09.04 00:04

Не е от видеото, играта си е бъгава, затова има PATCH, който решава повечето от проблемите. Един от най-големите които има неъпдейтната версия е именно проблем с Quick Save. Ако няма начин да я ъпдейтнеш, като играеш отдели мако време и си прави "нормален" сейв, а не разчитай само на Quicksave.

Тема Ето и проблемите,които решава patch-aнови [re: S]  
АвторS (Нерегистриран)
Публикувано17.09.04 00:16

То малко като флууд ще стане, ама все пак виж само колко "малко" проблеми решава patch-a.
Bugfixes addressed in V1.33

-Loading of items is now more robust. This was the major reason for corrupted savegames.
-Instantiation of charm plates fixed – clicking twice on a charmable item will now close it rather than pop up another window. This also prevents item corruption from happening.
-Fixed bug with passive skills like ranger sight & magic barrier that were acquired through a bonus on a weapon and which would cause constant increments of the stats when loading

Story fixes: A lot of the following fixes are only valid if you start a new game. However, if you don’t start a new game, installing the patch has no adverse effect.

- Fix for being able to enter Stormfist Castle through cellar.
- Fixing for Joram speaking of Mardaneus being sick even after curing him.
- Fix for Maria becoming invisible shortly and having her attitude change to 0
- Fix for trolls being already dead when arriving at bridge and the guards being mad for not helping them while the player never saw them before
- Fix for the possibility of drinking the bottle of ale you need to get for rob
- Fix for the problem where the balin class in the sewers of Verdistis caused other npc's to become hostile when killing them
- Fixed:Balin scene in prison triggers at the wrong times causing lockups
- Merchants Guild Tingalf quest problem solved.
- Fixed:Becoming a member of the Merchants Guild by paying gold doesn't work
- Fixed:Slasher scene can go wrong
- Fixed:George killed monologue always plays when entering georges house
- Fixed:Succubus scene problems
- Fixed:Sir Markham problem with dialog starting to soon
- Ficed:Dwarven town crier scene problems when it triggers several times, and he moved around
- Fixed:Rob dialog, dialog option "I need more time" doesn't disappear
- Fixed:broken wheel quest cannot be solved when doing sewer depot scene to early
- Fixed:Corinna takes the wine she needs too early
- Fixed:Story problem at graveyard
- Fixed:Problem with key in Dr. Elrath's house: If finding it before the scene with Dr. Elrath in his house, the key disappears and you cannot get in his house anymore without lock-picking
- Fixed:Quest log problem broken wheel quest
- Fixed:Zaknadrix dialog option disappears to go to the Pocket Universe
- Fixed:Can kill both Yoram and Otho -> no hint for Goemoe, story hangs
- Fixed:Vampire in cave problem with immortal status during scene
- Fixed:Cannot tell Mardaneus you found Georges murderer in the COS
- Fixed:Stormy weather doesn't stop anymore after defeating the talking tree
- Fixed:Cannot tell Otho about curing both patients before having talked to Goemoe
- Fixed:Victor and Antoinette, one of them does not get removed
- Fixed:Timmy region triggering scene is on hill
- Fixed:Malachias, cannot give him gold anymore after meeting him for the first time
- Fixed:Trevor dialog, can expose Tingalf before receiving quest
- Fixed:Scenes hanging around Aleroth
- Fixed:Council of Seven Scrying scene problems
- Fixed:Key opening several doors problem
- Fixed:Elmer Vignus didn't give the brooch
- Fixed:Receive quest to find George's murderer when finding his body, not when Mardaneus asks you
- Fixed:Scene hangs in Ionas dungeon when Arhu shows equipment
- Fixed:Entering final dungeon and scene hangs
- Fixed:After godscene game hangs in wastelands
- Fixed:Killing demon of lies with death scorpions prevents the end-scene from playing

Feature changes/bugfixes introduced in V1.32

-Quicksaves now alternate between 1 and the MaxQuickSaveAmount setting in config.lcl which by default is at 2 but which can be increased to any number if you want a number of sequential quicksaves. To increase the setting – open the file config.lcl in the folder where you installed Divine Divinity, and add the line MaxQuickSaveAmount # with # being the maximum amount of quicksaves you want.
-Boss monsters and monsters have become easier on the “easy level”. Damage done by boss monsters on normal level has been reduced a bit.
-Included several optimizations that make the game more responsive
-Added error logging in error.txt file
-Switched from jpg to png for screenshots
-Prevent quicksaving when you are dead
-Game gives warning when color depth is not 16 bit since this seems to cause a lot of problems on some systems.
-Saving now first happens to a temporary folder and only when it is completely successful does it remove the previous savegame that is being overwritten (if there is one)
-Range clipping on sight boosts is now done correctly, preventing the loss of sight on multiple loads
-Fixed animation bug which might cause the game to crash if you saved and then loaded while standing still with a bow.
-Fixed bug which would cause game to crash if a leaving script that was being executed and that got saved got loaded again (very rare)
-Prevented saving while teleportation is busy because it lead to lock ups
-Finigan’s lockpick problem solved
-Added plausibility checks and fixes for corrupt dialog log due to version mismatches
-Solved nasty polymorph recursion bug

Feature changes/bugfixes introduced in V1.31

-Internationalized game so that the same executable patches work on different language versions from now on. (There is still a difference between Unicode and non Unicode versions however)
-Fixed bug which would cause negative resistances if you unequipped an item which gave you a boost to magical barrier without actually having learnt the skill.
-Fixed bug where you would consistently get increasing resistances if you learned the resist magic skill and saved/load all the time, eventually leading up to corruption.
-Autofix for corrupted resistances.
-Fixed bug which would cause a crash when highlighting a npc at the moment you get teleported.
-Font fixes for French letters
-Fixed bug which would cause the game to crash if a leadershipped creature would fight at a certain distance from the player
-Fixed bug which could cause occasional crashes when loading partymembers
-Got rid of bug which would case maps not to switch when a partymember was occupied.
-Partymembers now defend themselves and they do not clear the shroud anymore.
-Rare problem leading up to crashes during mapswitches is now solved
-Fixed memory leak in scrying scenes
-Solved “Verdistis” slowdown problem

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