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Тема Егейски българин за Ататюркнови  
Автор бaш бyrapaш (мин. на проп.)
Публикувано21.05.06 18:10

Отново от турския блог

April 20, 2006
Ataturk left his heart in Bulgaria | 3

Mavi Boncuk |

Regarding Kemal Ataturk (1881 -- 1938), Bulgarian diplomats (among them an uncle of mine), who have met him on many occasions in Turkey during the 1920's and 1930's, were able to chat with him sporadically in Bulgarian. Ataturk was known to favor excellent relations with Bulgaria. My uncle (an ethnic Bulgarian from Aegean Macedonia) claimed that he and his colleagues attributed that fact to - among other things - Ataturk's ethnic Bulgarian roots. Ataturk was born in Thessaloniki, Aegean Macedonia, which is today in Greece. His father's mixed ancestry (Albanian, Donme=Dyonme Jewish, Pomak=Muslim Bulgar) could be traced to Edhessa (Voden, Vodina) in SW Macedonia, while the mother's Pomak (Muslim Bulgar) forebears have lived in the region of Langadha (Lagadina, Langaza) near Theassaloniki. /The so called "Dyonme (Jews)" were descendants of Sephardic Jews in the Ottoman Empire who had converted to Islam in the late 17th century.

See, "Moustafa Kemal Atatyurk" ("Mustafa Kemal Ataturk") by Ivan Vlaykov, Vuzrozhdentsite, Sofia, 2000.
"Atatyurk - diktatorut demokrat" ("Ataturk - The Dictator (Who Was A) Democrat") by Parashkev Paroushev, Akademichno izdatelstvo "Profesor Marin Drinov", Sofia, 2000.
"Ataturk Hayati ve Eseri" ("Ataturk's Life and Work") by Hikmet Bayur, AKDTYK, Ankara, 1990.
"Ataturk" by Andrew Mango, The Overlook Press, New York, 2000.

These are a few of the materials I came upon when doing a fast search in my personal library which contains - among others - about 7000 books in Bulgarian and about 230 in Turkish.

Christopher Lerinski - an American descendant of Bulgarians from Aegean Macedonia

posted by M.A.M at 1:14 AM

Тема Re: Егейски българин за Ататюрк [re: бaш бyrapaш]  
Автор Щъpkoт (пернАт)
Публикувано21.05.06 18:12

Njakade maj sam chel, che Atatyurk po majchina linija proizxozhda ot torbeshka familija ot selo Sebishta v Zapadna Makedonija.....

Тема ощенови [re: Щъpkoт]  
Автор бaш бyrapaш (мин. на проп.)
Публикувано21.05.06 18:16

Ataturk left his heart in Bulgaria

In 1913 Ataturk was appointed to Sofia as the military attaché. During his assignment in Sofia he was promoted to lieutenant-colonel. His duty as the military attaché ended in January 1915. During his stay in Sofia the First World War had started and Ottoman Empire had become obliged to enter in this war. Mustafa Kemal was appointed to Tekirdag to organize the 19 Division.

Mustafa Kemal clad in the uniform with which he was dressed at the ball of his meeting with Dimintrina (picured right)
Mavi Boncuk
All Is Love

Ataturk left his heart in Bulgaria. The founding father of modern Turkey asked for the hand of Dimitrina Kovacheva twice

Everything in modern Turkey is connected with the name of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (1881-1938) - the founder of the Turkish Republic and its first president. There's hardly a place in the country without a monument to this remarkable historical figure whose name actually means "the father of the nation", because he is the one who shows his country the way out of the darkness of feudalism and religious fanaticism and turns it into a modern state.

A new documentary - a co-production of International Film Service (Sofia) and TRT Turkish National TV - tells the story of Ataturk's love for Bulgaria and a Bulgarian girl whose name was Dimitrina Kovacheva.

On a foggy November day in 1913, Mustafa Kemal arrived in Bulgaria in his capacity of a military attache. He was a tall, handsome and communicative man with European manners. French magazines used to describe him as one of the most charming and stylish men in the world of diplomacy. Mustafa Kemal was fascinated by the cultural life in Bulgaria.

Once, in a Sofia casino, he met a beautiful Bulgarian girl, Dimitrina Kovacheva, the second daughter of General Stilian Kovachev, former Defense Minister of Bulgaria. She had just returned from Switzerland where she had studied literature and music. The girl often gave charity concerts and Kemal Mustafa used to attend them with the greatest pleasure. At a New Year's ball he invited her to dance and everybody admired the wonderful couple. This was the beginning of a romantic love story.

Feeling sure that Dimitrina is the love of his life, Kemal Mustafa was well aware of the obstacles before a possible marriage: he was 11 years older than her and had many enemies among the Young Turks in his native country, who would have embittered their family life.
Nevertheless Mustafa Kemal decided to ask General Stilyan Kovachev for his daughter's hand. Dimitrina's father was sure that she would not accept the dogmas of a different religion. Mustafa Kemal was deeply embittered, but went on meeting secretly with the girl.

Different political events separated them for a while, but in 1915 Ataturk proposed to his beloved for a second time and received a second denial from her father. This time General Kovachev hurried to marry Dimitrina to an engineer from the town of Rousse. Hearing the news she fainted, then returned the man he loved the wedding ring he had given her. She obeyed her father's will and separated with Kemal whom she never forgot.

Lyudmila Parvanova

See Also (In Bulgarian) "Obrechenata lyubov na Atatyurk" ("Ataturk's Doomed Love") by L. Serafimova, Makedoniya Pres, Sofia, 2002. A documentary novel about Mustafa Kemal Ataturk when he was Turkish military attache in Sofia and fell in love with General Stilian Kovachev s'daughter. Lilyana Serafimova is an eminent Bulgarian journalist, who has been (for an extended period of time) a deputy director of the Sofia Press news agency and publishing house.

posted by M.A.M at 1:17 AM

Ataturk left his heart in Bulgaria | 2

Here is a follow up on some of the characters of this love story. With help from Bulgarian_Studies Scholarly List for the Discusion of Bulgarian History, Economics, Politics, & Culture

Mavi Boncuk

Dimitrina (Miti) Kovacheva, Ataturk's Bulgarian friend, succumbed to stomach cancer in her mid-70's in 1966 in Sofia. She had spent the last 20 years of her life living in miserable conditions due to the fact that her husband (Deyan Deyanov, prominent jurist and a pre-1944 MP, whom she had married in 1922) had been on the list of "undesirable elements" put together by the Bulgarian communist secret police, the (K)DS. Deyan Deyanov died in 1960. Their children Ana, Stiliyan, and Olga were still alive in the early 1970's. Dimitrina's niece currently lives in Sofia

General Stilian Kovachev (1860 - 1939)

As for Miti Kovacheva's father, General Stiliyan Georgiev Kovachev (February 26, 1860, Yambol -- July 11,1939, Sofia), there are numerous references about him in monographs and articles dedicated to the military history of Bulgaria. He has been a gifted troop leader who had distinguished himself fighting the Serbs and the Turks in the Serbo-Bulgarian War of 1885 and the Balkan Wars of 1912-13. During WW I, Gen. Kovachev has been in charge of the Logistics Directorate of Bulgaria's military machine.

"Komandvaneto na Bulgarskata voyska prez voynite za natsionalno obedinenie" ("The Leadership of the Bulgarian Army during the Wars of National Unification") by Svetlozar Nedev, Voenno izdatelstvo "Sveti Georgi Pobedonosets", Sofia, 1993.

"Bulgarski visshi voenachalnitsi prez Balkanskata i Purvata svetovna voyna" ("High-ranking Bulgarian Troop Leaders during the Balkan War and World War I") by Dimitur Azmanov, Voenno izdatelstvo, Sofiya, 2000.

An entry under "Kovachev, Stiliyan" in "Bulgarski entsiklopedichen rechnik" ("Bulgarian Encyclopedic Dictionary"), Ivan Gaberov, Editor, Gaberoff Press, Veliko Turnovo, 1999.

During the Balkan Wars The Bulgarian army targeted battle actions against the central Turkish forces in Edirne, Thrace. On the 16th-20th of October Third Bulgarian Army, commanded by Radko Dimitriev, conquered Luleburgaz and Pinarhisar. After that it advanced towards Catalca (on 40 km. from Istanbul). The Rhodop detachment, commanded by Stilian Kovachev, crushed the forces of Yaver Pasha. The Haskovo detachment took part of the Rhodope Mountains. On the 5th or 8th of October it tool Kircali and on the 8th of November – Darudere (present day Zlatograd). 7th infantry Rilan division advanced along the valley of the river Struma and together with the Serbian army liberated Macedonia. On the 5th of October it advanced towards Kochani, Tsarsko Selo (present day Delchevo) and Gorna Dzhumaia (present day Blagoevgrad). It succeeded in repelling the Turkish forces to the south of the Kresna and Rupel gorges. On the 27th of October 1912 it reached Solun.

posted by M.A.M at 1:17 PM

Тема майката на Ататюркнови [re: Щъpkoт]  
Автор Фpaepoт (варошки маjмун)
Публикувано21.05.06 19:00

доколкото ми е известно произхожда от юрушките села около Кайляр (т. н. "коняри"). Бащата е от с. Коджаджик, Дебърско, което си е чисто турско село и до ден днешен, макар и заобиколено от торбешки села (става дума за областта Жупа).

Тоа е тоа!

Тема хахахахахах бай Ристе ли фалшификаторот?нови [re: бaш бyrapaш]  
Автор bitushe (пристрастен)
Публикувано21.05.06 19:27


Кристофер Лерински

Бай Ристе, ако не е Куманич или Баш Бугараш. Какви фалсификатори значи има, тоа господ да чува и да брани од такви МОРОНИ и ГЛУПАЦИ.

Тема amenнови [re: bitushe]  
Автор Фpaepoт (варошки маjмун)
Публикувано21.05.06 19:31

Аллах е милостив и скоро и на тебе че ти налее малко мозок у кофата.

Тоа е тоа!

Тема не се вракат турците во Македония, а в Българиянови [re: Фpaepoт]  
Автор bitushe (пристрастен)
Публикувано21.05.06 19:40

обновувай си джамиите бай фаер

Тема bbolje turska dzamijaнови [re: bitushe]  
Автор Фpaepoт (варошки маjмун)
Публикувано21.05.06 19:43

nego siptarska drzava. aj begaj da apliciras i ti za bugarski pasos dodeka imas nekoja sansa.

Тоа е тоа!

Тема Re: майката на Ататюркнови [re: Фpaepoт]  
Автор Бyrapич (член)
Публикувано21.05.06 19:45

"чисто турско село и до ден днешен, макар и заобиколено от торбешки села"

Не може да има "чисто турско село" сред помашки/торбешки села.

Живел съм доста време в помашки район с две-три турски села и знам как се развиват помашко-турските връзки. Ако в едно помашко село се заселят неколко чисто турски семейства, след 3-4 поколения може и целото село вече да е турско. Помаците сметат за голема чест да се сродят с истински турчин (за тех истински турчин е оня който говори турски), а истинките турци (които имат вид и манталитет на араби/цигани) умират за бели помакини. Смесените бракове са много чести, и в смесените семейства, ако единият родител знае турски, децата стават чисти турчета с турски майчин език, макар и да имат типичен славянски вид като помаците. Така след време селото се потурчва, и на света се пръква още едно "чисто" турско село населено с руси светлооки турци, като много от ония в Лудогорието.

Тоя процес и днес върви с пълна сила в България, която бавно но неотвратимо се превръща в Булгаристан.

Тема Re: хахахахахах бай Ристе ли фалшификаторот?нови [re: bitushe]  
Автор kyмaнич (старо куче)
Публикувано21.05.06 19:50

Results 1 - 10 of about 44 for "Christopher Lerinski". (0.59 seconds)
Results 1 - 10 of about 398 for "Riste Lerinski". (0.47 seconds)

Chris Lerinski - an American descendant of Bulgarians from Macedonia

Dragi suplemennitsi - bulgari,
> Suzhalyavam, che ste prinoudeni da chetete ot vreme na vreme gloupostite na
> makedonistite (makedonomanite) i skopskite surbomani. Chouvstvouvam se -
> nepreko - chastichno vinoven za potoka bulgarofobska propaganda, zalivasht
> nekoi groupi za novini i razmena na mneniya.
> Obiknoveno pisha do alt.news.macedonia, tuy kato suznavam, che suvsem malko ot
> dopisnitsite touk se interesouvat ot tragichnata ouchast na makedonskite
> bulgari i neprestannata antibulgarska kampaniya na nay-lyutite vragove na
> Bulgarshtinata - otrodenite makedonisti.
> Pozdravi na vsichki rodolyubtsi i tursachi na istinata!
> Da zhivee obedinena, demokratichna i blagodenstvouvashta Bulgariya!
> Bay Riste Lerinski - amerikanski potomuk na bulgarski komiti ot VMRO ot Egeyska
> Makedoniya

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